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Wedding Hair and Makeup Agreement


Bride’s Name: ___________________________________________

Wedding Date: __________________________________________

Bride’s Address:__________________________________________

Cell #: __________________________________________________

Contact phone# (Day of Wedding) _________________________

Email Address____________________________________________      

Name and Address of Location where services will be rendered:


Ceremony start time:__________________________________________________________

Time Everyone Must Be Ready By:______________________________________________

Time Stacy Beneke will arrive: _______________________________________

Please mark the amount of people receiving services in each category (including bride) Hair ________________________________________________________

Makeup (Traditional) __________________________________________


Bridal Hair $ _________

Bridal Makeup $ __________

Bridesmaid/Family member Hair $_________

Makeup $ __________

Travel fee (determined by location) $ ___________


UNPAID BALANCE DUE ON ___________ (Wedding day)

NON-REFUNDABLE DEPOSITS Initial Non-Refundable Deposit Non-refundable (20% of total) deposit payment will be charged upon the signing of this agreement to book wedding day services. Deposit amount is subtracted from wedding day total package. I acknowledge and agree that Stacy Beneke receives many inquiries and dates fill up quickly. My date is not reserved until this Contract is signed and the deposit amount has been made. (via PayPal, Venmo or cash) IMPORTANT, PLEASE READ: Minimum for booking: The minimum for booking on location services with Hair and Makeup I Do is a total package of $450 or more. CANCELLATIONS I agree and acknowledge that the $100 deposit is non-refundable. ____________________ Initial

*Once the services are completed on wedding day, there are no refunds. *On the day of the event, payment must be made after completion by PayPal, Venmo or cash only.

*I am financially responsible for all services contained in this Contract.

Services may not be removed from this Contract once signed and deposit has been processed. Services may be added to this Contract at any time, provided there is reasonable notice depending on the type of service being added and there is sufficient time to complete the service. Once the services have been added to the total, the Balance Due on this Contract will be adjusted accordingly.

[Stacy Beneke] Attention: Stacy Beneke Address: 1250 Flatbush Rd. Kingston NY 12401 Email: This Contract is the entire agreement between Stacy Beneke and the client. Any modification or amendment to this Contract must be done in writing and agreed to by Stacy Beneke in writing. Accepted and Agreed to this ____________ day of ________________, 20____.

Sign Name: __________________________________________________________

Print Name: __________________________________________________________

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